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About Us

Luxury Roots

Since 1988, we have offered architectural products for hotels, residential homes, casinos, condominiums and other projects. Our initial focus was architectural hardware and we evolved into luxury products for the kitchen and bathroom.

Our focus has always been centered on design oriented luxury products for the construction industry which was primarily signature appointments for residential and commercial applications. We focused on finding new products and innovations that were driven purely on design and offered a new solution to utilitarian design. Our role in the construction supply chain during the early days was to represent small cottage factories and artists that wanted to roll out new products that were different and usually commanded a higher price. It was a time in the design world when everything was generic and vanilla. Our marketing efforts were primarily one person at a time back then and everything was a grass roots movement to change the expectations of design.

Initially we worked with any artist or factory we could find and usually ended up with European partners who were desperate for exposure in America. At the same time Los Angeles and New York were producing artists that were influencing the industry, so we felt their direct influence and enjoyed partnerships in those cities. At this juncture everything was a niche and very specialized at a time when there were no TV shows or magazines about our industry.

We continued to work with design driven companies that turned out reliable products and were producing paradigm shifts like frameless shower doors, under mount sinks, brass faucets, decorative hardware, shower systems, etc. It was the beginning of luxury revolution which slowly evolved into the mass premium consumer category of today. We have evolved into a world focused on design and driven by celebrity builders and chefs promoting luxury amenities on HGTV, with an exclusive by the Wall Street Journal.

As this luxury niche turned into the mass premium consumer products category of today, we evolved as well. We now represent some very of the very best global manufacturers of finished goods and signature amenities for residential housing and commercial hospitality applications.


Change: A Want Based Economy to Needs Based Economy

Luxury products centered on design were always built around a want based economy focused on disposable income. The world is different, our lives are changing, and we tend to focus more on our needs than our wants. This is especially true for the baby boomers. Baby boomers are living longer and need different things as they age in the home.

We started this entirely new product solutions project to help reshape aging and how you live in your home. We started focusing on aging in place accessibility products and universal design choices in 2009 when we wanted to find new ideas that would introduce fresh choices to an industry that had mostly utilitarian and institutional product solutions.

We started searching for artists and manufacturing innovators in universal design and aging in place. In most cases in our search for domestic manufacturing partners, we found only stainless steel grab bars. There had to be more options. We went to Europe to continue our search and found that the mindset was progressive in aging care; products, solutions, and design. It was very exciting for us to make the acquaintance of people that wanted to help us on our journey. This is our initial introduction of glam, design, value, and choice, to help all no matter what your style or socioeconomic status.

We are offering solutions for showering and bathing for universal design, aging in place, and the physically challenged.

We are taking our admiration of industrial design, industry experience, along with global sourcing opportunities and will strive to add another option to your choices of universal design products and solutions for your home. We know you have many options, so thank you for visiting. Please contact our office with any questions.