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Architects & Designers

We have been providing innovative architectural products to the design community for the last twenty-five years. In our effort to be forward thinking product purveyors, we have aggressively shifted our focus to the fastest growing demographic; baby boomers.

This most recent endeavor has our focus singularly on baby boomers via universal design product solutions for bathing and showering. We have design solutions to create the newest concepts in bathroom layout, both residentially and commercially.

Most of our product suppliers are from Europe, whom has collectively been dealing progressively with aging for years. The European progressive approach to aging has allowed many overseas manufacturers to produce innovative products while solving architectural design challenges. This has allowed us to create mix of product innovation and function, altering how bathrooms are designed.

The baby boomers are aging and have different expectations of how they will live and where they will call home. The marriage of Universal Design and Aging in Place to meet the baby boomers' needs will create a golden age of design innovation and product development. We hope as the years follow we can offer more design oriented products that are more stylish both residentially and commercially.

Residential consumers want to preserve their autonomy as long as possible, so there is a willingness to invest in their homes to make that a reality. New homes and remodels will require living quarters without boundaries in every facet of the house: bathrooms, kitchens, door openings, stairs, and the general ergonomics of the living space.

Commercially, the opportunities are equally as expansive. Active adult communities assisted living, skilled nursing, public housing, hospitals, and long term care facilities are growing exponentially. People's expectations are changing when they interface with these environments; they desire a warm residential interface versus a harsh sterile experience.

Our European Wet Room, the curb-less shower, is a new design trend that will fit in to any and all of your design needs as a solution for barrier-free showering. We also focus on other ergonomic items that accessorize the bathroom. These items offer assistance for need specific issues and give independence to the user.

Trending Accessibility strives to provide architects and designers with new solutions to bathing in the shower zone. We know you have choices, so thank you for considering us. Please contact us for any assistance that you may require.

Our Services

  • Specifications
  • Client Samples
  • Product Training
  • Office Consultation
  • On-Site Field Visits

Residential Applications of Our Products

  • Remodels
  • New Construction
  • Residential Bathrooms
  • Residential Showers
  • Tiled Showers
  • Non-Tiled Showers

Commercial Applications of Our Products

  • Active Adult Communities
  • Assisted Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hospitals
  • Rehab Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes
  • Accessible Transient Lodging
  • Roll In Showers
  • Transfer Showers
  • Bariatric
  • HUD
  • Hospitality
  • Dormitory
  • Luxury
  • Veteran Administration
  • Universal Design