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Remodeler / Home Modifications

The aging population is growing exponentially every year. The baby boomers are aging and have new expectations of how they will live and where they will call home. A large majority of all aging consumers desire to stay in their existing homes as they age in place. The indisputable statistical facts and figures support the importance that people place on staying in their homes as they age in place.

As a person ages, their ergonomics change and the environment that once met their needs has to be changed through home modifications. The bathroom is a critical element to home modifications. Showering is a key component to allow people ongoing independence as they age in place. The catch-all products that were previously utilized in the bathroom may no longer meet people’s needs as their bodies change.

Historically, we all supplied "want based" products that were standardized to meet everyone's bathroom and showering needs. Product choices were often based on size, style, and color. The new aging in place products will have to be "needs based" solutions. The interface with a consumer at this level will be much more intimate. You have to assess the critical issues of their challenges, ergonomics, and what will work specifically for them in the environment.

This societal change has made contractors realize that they have a new opportunity to change and adapt to this new population group. It is a new way of thinking, a large fast market potential, and the chance to work with new solutions based products.

Trending Accessibility offers solutions based products for aging in place and home modifications. We provide residential remodeling solutions for accessibility and barrier-free applications in the bathroom. When you invest in our products, you also purchase our expertise and support team. Our experienced staff will work with your company to help you become more educated on the products we offer allowing you to offer more solutions in helping the most important person, your customer. Our goal is to provide you with the proper education and training to utilize our products in the most efficient and effective manner. If you are working on a project that requires our solutions, please contact our office. We are always available to answer your questions.

Our Services

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Product Ideas / Benefits

Curb-less Showers: removes the curb in a shower eliminating any obstruction as you enter or exit the shower area. We call this European wet room.

Shower Seats: reduces energy utilized in the shower and allows for a comfortable experience in the shower zone. Shower seats also are useful for transferring.

Pull Down Bars: assists in transfer onto the toilet by shifting your weight as you move on and off the toilet. We offer fold-up support bars and handrails.

Shower Panels: by eliminating a shower door, the shower zone becomes much more open and accessible.

Liberty Caregiver Doors: delivers privacy to the user while allowing a caregiver to assist the user in the shower zone.

Grab Bars: gives overall assistance to the user in general ergonomics, allowing the user to grip, move, and transfer. See our listing of grab bars and handrails.