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European Wet Room

The European Wet Room is a curb-less shower for bathrooms, both residentially and commercially. It removes the shower curb, the obstruction between the bathroom floor and the shower zone, producing a barrier free shower threshold. It is unique in the sense that it opens up a room, making the whole space ergonomic by blending the floor spaces together as one. European wet rooms are more functional as a space and dramatically change the dynamic of the room. It allows you to go in many new directions with design concepts not available to a traditional American bathroom.

Universal Design has finally come of age. The marriage of a wet room with today’s tile choices has produced the first truly fashionable and accessible bathroom for aging in place and the physically challenged.

The wet room has been utilized in Europe for over 30 years and our supplier is the preeminent manufacturer of the technology, having installed over 250,000 projects. The technology is established and time tested in the field. The end result is that they just work.

There are two components to a wet room system; a shower pan and a waterproof membrane kit. We have different shower pan systems for applications covering tile and vinyl floor applications in wood frame or concrete construction. Our products can be utilized in remodeling and new construction, residentially and commercially. We have a solution for every construction application.

Since our paradigm shifting technology is new to the United States, we often field many questions from consumers and professionals alike. Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions, we will be happy to assist you in providing ideas or solutions. We know you have choices, so thank you for considering Trending Accessibility.