How To Videos

How to Videos

We are the leader for product design and innovation. With our growing portfolio of worldwide patents and registered designs, we continue to demonstrate our solid commitment to provide first-class, world-leading showering equipment, tailored to suit the precise needs of our customers.

At Trending Accessibility, the design process is integral to the production of superior products. Ergonomic principles, practicality and durability are at the forefront of all design ideas. Attractive, non-institutional styling is a feature of all products to enhance the lifestyle of those persons with reduced mobility.

The design team includes professional designers, engineers and technologists with extensive qualifications and experience. They use state-of-the-art facilities to constantly develop new products. Our sophisticated Computer Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis systems provide a basis for our product development program.

We work closely with users, specifiers, distributors and professional installation companies to develop new products. Our product range is a direct result from this co-operation; we listen to our customers' ideas and needs. All of our products are designed to make on-site assembly easy. We provide comprehensive installation instructions which contain the most important information you need while installing our wide range of products. Our experienced technical support team is an invaluable point of contact and can provide product advice. Feel free to contact us for additional support information as well as visit our YouTube dedicated channel.


Adjustable Fusion Pan Installation Video


Standard Fusion Pan Installation Video