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Liberty Caregiver Doors

Liberty Caregiver Doors are one of the more unique solutions to water management in the shower zone for consumers with special needs and potentially a key benefit if a care giver is involved with the showering experience.

The Liberty Caregiver Door system allows a consumer with special needs easy entry and exit in the shower zone but offers privacy during the showering experience. This independence gives the consumer a sense of control and self respect during this private process. The product line is designed with features and benefits specifically for special needs, yours.

If a caregiver is introduced to the equation our shower surrounds still provide privacy to the consumer. Ideally, it also shields the caregiver from potential misdirected spray patterns of shower heads. (We always highly recommend hand held showers for more control) As we “Age in Place” in our homes this component of the bathroom is vital as we transition to some assisted care in the home.

The bi-fold alcove doors swing 180 degrees, allowing the doors to open “in” or open “out” depending on what works for you in the shower zone. The bi-fold doors are equipped with a rise and fall hinge system which lifts the door slightly off the floor when opening for less drag. Conversely as the door is shut the door squeezes to the floor offering a positive lock for the rubber floor seal, damming the water in the shower.

Liberty Caregiver Doors are made of a strong lightweight white powder coated frame with gray handles, trim, flexible floor seals plus semi transparent anti shatter PETG panels (PETG is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family)

Our Liberty Caregiver Doors work with all wet rooms or a shower tray since we have a unique fixing system in every box that allows you to adapt to all installations.

The Liberty Caregiver Doors are often functionally accented by shower curtains for more privacy to the consumer and less misdirected water onto the caregiver. Shower curtains in conjunction with Liberty Caregiver Doors also prevent water spillover onto the bathing floor.

  • LCGD59W CareGiver Door
  • LCGD59PS Caregiver Door
  • Finishes include white / gray accents
  • Installed between walls (alcove) for 59-inch to 60-inch to wide openings. The perfect bath tub replacement solution for water management
  • Care Giver Doors are 29.5-inch High
  • Integral handles to lock bi-fold doors in place while shower zone is being utilized
  • Magnetic seals on doors to provide a positive closure while the shower zone is being utilized
  • Squeegee type rubber seal along the bottom of the doors offers a strong positive seal on floor to minimize water seepage.
  • Wall channels offer some adjustment to doors when out-of-plumb walls are an issue
  • Full length hinges
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  • Care Giver Doors
  • Care Giver Doors
  • Care Giver Doors