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Fusion Shower Panels


European Wet Room


The Fusion Wet Room Shower Panels were designed to bring an understated feel of luxury while providing practical support and assistance in entering and exiting the shower zone.

We have taken decorative shower panels and accented the system with a rounded floor-to-ceiling post that has a wide diameter for gripping. This ergonomic accent simply gives the consumer a tool that may allow them maneuver in and out of the shower more readily while balancing their weight.

The highest point of the adjustable telescopic post is structurally attached to the ceiling while the base of the pole is epoxied to the wet room floor. Most shower panel systems break the wet room seal when the base is affixed to the floor with screws. Our system was designed with wet rooms in mind. When the system is installed properly the glass between the pole and the wall channel adds the final rigidity to the system

We are very excited to have this unique system of shower panels because they really do add styling to Universal Design, which has always been our mission statement. The glass panels come in several widths while any ceiling height (up to 8.5-feet) can be met through a unique telescopic pole that connects to the ceiling.

  • European Wetroom Shower Panel 30
  • European Wetroom Shower Panel 36
  • European Wetroom Shower Panel 48
  • Finish: Chrome Aluminum and 0.25-inch Clear Glass
  • Stock Sizes include panels 78-inches high with widths of 30-inches, 36-inches, and 48-inches
  • Custom Sizes and Glass Finishes Available
  • Telescopic Floor to Ceiling Pole accommodates heights from 6.75-inches to 8.75-inches
  • A wide diameter pole offers an ergonomic gripping system allowing practical support and ease of entry and exit in the shower zone
  • Floor to ceiling support constructed of polished aluminum
  • Unique epoxy floor mounting system, eliminating drilling thru the floor
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  • Required Tools
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  • Care Giver Doors
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  • Installation
  • Fusion Wetroom Shower Panels
  • Fusion WetRoom Shower Panels