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Wet Room Shower Pans


Shower pans are the major building block of an accessible shower area. They are like the DNA of the bathroom, predetermining how the finished product will look and function. We have choices encompassing all design solutions and vertical price points to match all budgets. Our shower pans are utilized residentially and commercially for tile and vinyl applications and can be installed in concrete or wood frame construction.

The bath tub is out of style. When was the last time you sat in a bath tub? The shower experience is a now a preferred lifestyle. We are offering a variety of barrier free shower pans that are actually curb-less or present an extremely low-profile threshold for ease of entry into the shower zone. Showers provide easy access, low stress, and most importantly reduced risk to injuries.

Our shower pans provide choices for your life style as you age in place. The ability to care for one's personal hygiene is a main determining factor in keeping someone in their home and providing ongoing independence. A home modification for a universally designed bathroom is a key component to offering freedom and self respect for people who desire independence.

We specialize in Universal Design and our global sourcing has allowed us to unveil a great range of choices for your solutions. Let us help you design your new lifestyle. There are many choices, so please call to help us identify what solutions may work best on your project.