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Standard Shower Seats


Shower seats are a must-have for a more relaxing experience in the shower zone. As your body ergonomics change, a shower seat is a great solution for a new level of comfort. We offer many choices for many needs based seat solutions. Shower seat options are the most widely sought add-on item after the shower design and sizing is chosen.

Our standard shower seats are moderately priced and comfortable. Most importantly, they can be installed at varying heights because of the telescopic legs found on most models.

Most seats support up to 418 pounds when installed properly. The strong aluminum frame allows people a sense of safety. All of our seats come padded for comfort, and most padding can be removed for cleaning. We also offer some of our better selling seats without padding to touch a value price point.

At the end of the day, these are a great value and a great solution.

  • Aluminum frame offering solid construction
  • Injection molded plastic seats
  • Rubber padding can be removed from seat for cleaning
  • Most models have telescopic legs for height adjustment and to accommodate floor slope
  • Weight limit up to 418 pounds for most seats
  • Most seats fold up against the wall to open up shower zone
  • Seat arms are retractable
  • U-Shaped seats are available for extra hygiene
  • Integral drainage holes in most seats for water run-off
  • Free-standing seats available
  • Unpadded models are a great value
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