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Social Media Presence

Connect with Trending Accessibility on social media. This page shows you where to find us on the social scene and what presence we have on popular forums like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and other platforms.

Please note that we will be maintain both a Trending product information blog and a informative generic blog for the convenience of the industry.

Whenever possible we will post, information and updates accordingly on these social sites depending on which sites will benefit most by the update.

To stay inline with the interests of our customers and distributers, we intend to keep most active the following social accounts out of the listing shown on this page: Google+, Houzz, and Pinterest.

We welcome all to follow our Twitter feed (@TrendingAccessibility) which will document our updates accordingly, including a link to the location of.

Information & Networking: Facebook   |   Google+   |   LinkedIn
Publishing: Blogger (Info for the Industry)   |   WordPress (Info about our Products)
Special Interest / Photo Sharing: Pinterest    |   Houzz    |   Delicious   
Videos: YouTube