Bathing Tub

Model: TAG6034 TO

Cantilevered Transfer Bathing Tubs

In some situations the customer still requires a bathtub as a preferred option for bathing. We have an option that is sleek, safe, and comfortable while offering a unique weight shifting transfer feature.

We offer a unique cantilevered transfer bathtub that offers a secure entry and exit. Our white 100% acrylic bathtub solution is a perfect fit for a 60” x 32” residential footprint. Our unique upgrade is an air jetted tub that offers air therapy. This is really a great option for those who simply love a bathtub.

Jet Options

  • Soaker Tub: No Jets
  • Air Therapy Jets

Material: 100% High-Gloss Acrylic

Color / Finish: White or Biscuit

Codes:  ANSI Z 124.2, NAHB, UPS

Outside Dimensions: 60-inches x 32-inches x 18.875-inches

Inside Dimensions: 42.5-inches x 25.5-inches (Footwell: 23.5-inches x 23.5-inches)

Door Opening Dimensions:

  • 17.5-inches (Top Width) Wide at Top
  • 14.375-inches (Bottom Width)
  • 32.75-inches (Height)

Capacity: N/A

Handed By: Drain Left or Right

Supplied With: N/A

Requires: N/A

Weight: 100 pounds

Load Factor: 0.65

  • Model TAG6034 TO Cantilevered Transfer Bath Tub
  • Model TAW5030 WI Walk-In Bath Tub
  • Fits in common 60" x 32" bathtub footprint
  • Secure entry and exit
  • Solid Surface Colors
  • Required Tools
  • Required Materials
  • Construction Adhesive
    Grab Bars
  • Water Management
  • Care Giver Doors
  • Solid Surface Colors
  • Brochure
  • Installation on Wood Joists