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Wet Room Waterproofing

How do you make that small shower room feel more spacious? Easy, install a walk in shower and make the whole room a wet room. The increasingly popular wet room is now a fail-safe shower system when installed using our products. The waterproof trays are set at floor level giving you extra floor space and opening the room.

European Wet Rooms have two unique components that are combined to form a system: a shower pan and liquid waterproofing / taping that provides a leak proof membrane when applied properly.

One of the most important components in our system is something we call “tanking the room”. Tanking the room is waterproofing the shower and bathroom floor with a tape (similar to spackling process on drywall) and a liquid membrane.

It is an applied finish that is painted onto the shower walls and entire bathroom on top of tile backer board in two complete coats. The waterproofing liquid has the viscosity of yogurt and is easily applied by a paint roller and a paintbrush in the corners. The first coat usually dries within two hours, while the second coat may take up to four hours.

In the process of building a shower area you will produce many seams and joints when tile backer board is installed. These seams and joins are covered by our crack isolation tape. This is a rubberized tape that adds extra waterproofing qualities to all the joints and seams in the shower area. It is spackled on top of those joints and seams by coating the tape with the liquid membrane. It is easily applied at the same time as painting the shower walls. The tile is applied once the second coat is dry.

We provide ready to use liquid latex waterproofing and crack prevention membrane specifically formulated for use beneath commercial and residential tile and stone interior flooring.

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