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Why Us

Our Focus

We offer high quality architectural products for aging in place and universal design in the bathroom both residentially and commercially. We focus on product design solutions for the shower and the bathroom.

As baby boomers age, our physical abilities can change and the daily tasks that we once took for granted can become more difficult. Most people want to age in place in their homes as they get older and we can help provide you with product solutions to make life easy. As we age in place we often must modify our living space to match our changing abilities, needs, and ergonomics. Home modifications with our product solutions will allow you to stay in your home much longer as you age and give you freedom and independence through self-reliance.

Universal Design is a life without barriers. The European community simply calls it design for all. It is a solution based architectural movement that is built around ideas that focus on the fact that buildings, products, and environments should be accessible to everyone, regardless any physical challenges. Universal Design is now growing exponentially beyond the traditional needs of some to a broader range of better ergonomic design for everyone. Our goal is to take the design focus of this architectural movement and incorporate the trends into our product offering.

Our focus is to make your life better in the home, no matter where you live.

Our Products

Our products are a solution for roadblocks in a bathroom; the core of what we do is to take down all the barriers that prevent you from bathing and showering safely. Our flagship is a curbless tiled shower area often referred to as a European Wet Room. Our wet room shower system allows you to have a tiled shower area without a curb or obstruction at the threshold into the shower area. The tiled shower floor area is completely level with the entire bathroom floor and opens the entire room to create an open space. This design element is a standard in Europe and our manufacturing partner has supplied this European Wet Room Shower System to over 250,000 bathrooms in Europe for aging in place and universal design both residentially and commercially.


We also offer a smart solution of stylized non-tiled shower pans with a slip-resistant surface for a quick barrier free installation, which is available in several sizes for any shower footprint within a bathroom. This non-tiled family of shower products also provides a quick and efficient "Tub to Shower" conversion that allows your bathroom to transform inexpensively and quickly; both residentially and commercially. The slip-resistant shower pan is available with matching shower surrounds (walls) on all models. Molded shower seats are available on some units.


We also specialize in shower seats, a specialty range of unique ergonomic seating which allows you to sit in the shower or bath tub comfortably and securely. Our shower seats also provide the ability to transfer into the bathing area independently, offering an increased sense of security. Our shower seats and chairs are strong, reliable, and tastefully designed.

Water Management is a key factor in any shower; so we offer solutions for keeping water where it belongs, inside the shower zone. Our most unique solution for water management is our caregiver doors offering; a set of double doors designed to allow a client and caregiver work in tandem, allowing consumer privacy and providing dignity. In addition we offer stylish Shower Panels for the European wet room system that are attractive, fun, and offer unique Universal Design components.

Your safety is paramount in the bathroom, since most accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. You can gain some leverage while shifting of your weight while moving, transferring, and adjusting in the bathroom with some of unique design oriented grab bars and handrails. We also provide pull down bars for transferring to and from the toilet that are growing exponentially in popularity. While we offer some standard pieces, most of our pieces in this category are specially manufactured in Europe.

Customer Service


For the Contractor


Our organization is very contractor friendly. We support all opportunities for training and providing ongoing education on our products to the contractor community. We understand that the contractor community may need field support and outlets to purchase our products. If you are a professional contractor or remodeler, please contact our office for any assistance.

For the Customer


If you are working on a project that requires our solutions, we invite you to contact our office. Our experienced customer service and technical representatives are happy to answer any of your questions.


Dealers and Distributors


If you are working on a project that requires our solutions, we invite you to contact our office. Our experienced customer service and technical representatives are happy to answer any of your questions.